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The Complete Camp

Our most extensive training program that gives you access to tutorials, dozens of workout plans, exercise library, assessments, challenges, and more. No matter what your goal is, this program will give you the info and tools necessary for you to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

Wrestlers Edge

The Wrestler’s Edge

A Comprehensive, year-round strength and conditioning plan for wrestler’s of all ages. Carmen Bott is a strength coach, professor and trainer of three world medalists. This is an elite resource for any wrestler or coach looking to gain an advantage over the competition.

Savage & Simple

Now you can train like a pro fighter…Savage & Simple is a “In Camp” Workout plan that guides you as you prepare for a big fight. Brett Bartholomew’s MMA strength and conditioning plan that’s been used by guys like Luke Rockhold, Rashad Evans, Julianna Pena, Uriah Faber and many others.

Savage & Simple
Fight Strong

Fight Strong 365

A 12 month general strength and power program for athletes or fans alike. Coach Phill Daru lays out exactly how he prepares his fighters outside of their fight camps, so that they are strong, explosive and ready to start their camps.

Food for Fighters

Whether you’re looking to drop body fat or add some lean muscle, this easy to follow program can help. Dan Garner did an amazing job putting together this complete nutrition plan for combat athletes. His experience working with top athletes will help you stay lean, strong and ready to compete.  Inside you’ll learn what to eat, when, how much and habits to ensure that you stay on track. 

Food for Fighters
The Cut

The Cut

A step by step guide to making weight. This program provides detailed information about planning for your next competition, preparing for the cut, cutting weight, and refueling after weigh ins. Coach Ben addresses common mistakes, questions and provides sample cuts and resources, so you can effectively navigate your next weight cut.

Submission Strength

A complete 12 week training plan that’s been used with elite jiu jitsu competitors, casual enthusiasts and everybody in between. Learn some of PJ Nestler’s strategies and methods for developing world champion jiu jitsu competitors. This program includes tutorials, workouts, exercise library and more.

Submission Strength
Off Season Workouts

Off Season Workouts for Wrestlers

The majority of wrestlers disappear after the season is over.  BUT if you want to excel and see just how good you can become, then training during the off season is a must.  Whether you’re developing strength or improving conditioning, you need to develop a consistent habit of training.  We’ll show you exactly what you need to do…

The S&C Handbook for Combat Sports

Unable to coach athletes in person, the COVID-19 lockdown gifted Geoffrey the time to create a resource that would continue to help others progress their training and planning knowledge. He created this ebook by compiling training philosophies and methods that he used successfully working with various combat sport athletes.
Handbook for Combat


Has It Been Awhile Since You’ve Been in the Gym? Don’t Worry, We’ve All Been There…Whether your gym was closed, you were injured or you simply got distracted, we’ve developed a training plan to help you get back on your feet.

Adv. Jiu Jitsu Strength

Whether you are a recreational athlete or compete professionally, I’m sure that you understand how important strength is for grapplers.   Our NEW advanced Jiu Jitsu strength program will help you develop a solid foundation of strength, so you can improve your Jiu Jitsu game.

Advanced Jiu Jitsu
Body Armour

Body Armour

Body Armor was created so the world’s top fighters could keep training in any condition without any of the fancy equipment. Eliminate all excuses with the same program that MMA champions are using to keep in shape at home, in hotels, and any time they can’t access a gym. 

In Season Workouts for Wrestlers

During The Wrestling Season You Are Juggling Practices, Workouts, Meets, Tournaments, Travel, Cutting Weight… Not to Mention, School, Homework, Family, Etc… Do too much and your body will break down…not enough or the wrong stuff and your performance will suffer.  We’ll show you exactly what to do.
Fight Ready

Fight Ready

If You’d like to train like these top MMA fighters, and do it in just 4 hours per week, without engaging in mindless cardio, strength-destroying circuits, or unproductive powerlifting, I’m about to show you how to do it.

Ground Mobility for Fighters

A strong house is built on a solid and firm foundation. Your mobility, coordination and connective tissue strength along with proper breathing and the ability to relax form a firm platform for your health and athletic progress for years to come.

Ground Control

Ground Control

Phil Daru’s 12 week training plan for grapplers helps address 3 common weak links, structure your training and help you keep a balance between skill and strength work, so you can be 100% confident stepping onto the mat. 

Tune up

The ‘Tune Up” Program can help you prevent a lot of unnecessary aches n pains. We’ve used these exercises and workouts to keep our athletes moving well, solidifying weak links and helping them recover from tough workouts. If you are banged up or need to fix a few aches n pains, then this program is for you.
Tune Up
Expand the Tank

Expand the Tank

‘Gassing Out’ is one of the most feared aspects of any fight. Your body stops responding…legs slow down, arms get heavy and there is really nothing you can do. We’ve all been through it…The good news is that you can rapidly improve your conditioning, if you have the right plan.  So, we’ve developed a simple 36 week conditioning plan, guaranteed to improve your gas tank.

Build the Beast

If two athletes have an equal skill set, the stronger fighter will almost always win.  The ‘Build the Beast’ program will show you exactly how to develop more strength, add muscle and develop workouts that help you develop strength that transfers on to the mat or into the cage.

Build the Beast copy

Develop the Athlete

Big muscles DO NOT equal stronger, more powerful athletes. In order to develop more power, our bodies must learn how to recruit more muscles and get them firing together efficiently. “Develop the Athlete’ was developed to help our athletes become faster, more powerful and explosive. If you want to get faster and more explosive, this is the program for you!

Prepare for Battle

Over the years, we’ve watched countless fighters and grapplers screw up opportunities by missing weight or showing up ‘flat’ or overworked. The key to being physically prepared is having a plan. So, we decided to share some of our top tips and tricks that we used to prepare our athletes for battle!

Complete CORE

Develop a ‘Rock Solid’ Torso That Will Have You Striking Harder, Finishing More Takedowns and Dominating on the Ground. This 12 Week Program will Challenge Your Entire Torso Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Tried Before!

Grappler’s Grip

Grip strength is often overlooked, but can be an incredibly valuable asset for any fighter or grappler.  Inside this 12 week program, we show you special exercises and workouts that we have used to help our athletes get a competitive advantage.

Pre Season Workouts

Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning for Wrestlers

Fall is here and wrestling season is going to start before you know it.  Ideally, intensity is going up, and we are training your body to work at match speed. This pre season plan is designed to help you get faster, more explosive and ready to compete! 

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