Workout 6

July 1, 2019

Bodyweight Flow Workouts

These low intensity workouts are designed to get the body moving and increase blood flow, using a combination of mobility and bodyweight movements.  These are great to use if you’ve been inactive for awhile or as an active recovery type workout, during a hard week.

Soft Tissue

As needed…


World’s Greatest Stretch


  1. Lateral Bag Drags
  2. Ab Wheel Rollouts
  3. Bobcats Level 2
  4. Agility Ladder – In In, Out Out

Bodyweight Series 1

1A: Zercher Squats

1B: Banded Hip Extension

1C: Alligator Crawl

1D: Suspension

Bodyweight Series 2

2A: Skipping

2B: Lateral Step Lunge

2C: Thoracic Bridge

2D: Scorpion Stretch