June 19, 2020


June 19, 2020


This is a four week block, made up of two phases.

The first phase being aerobic based GPP conditioning, and the second being lactate based GPP conditioning. These are 2 week blocks.


Specific to athletic populations in the combative realm, this method is particularly useful for those wearing a mouth piece.

Throughout both phases, there is an emphasis on nasal breathing. Nasal breathing may look weird in the gym (and prepare for funny looks if you use this method!) but is proving to be potent. We can manipulate our nervous system response so that we harbour into a parasympathetic dominance, key for efficient oxygen uptake and deeper breathing. Side note; parasympathetic is an autonomic nervous system response in which we best associate with rest, recovery and wellbeing as appose to sympathetic which is basically fight or flight.

Utilise mouth taping/ nasal breathing through this entire program.



Warming up sufficiently is still expected of the athlete to increase their readiness. Following the rough format of; raising your heart rate (low level skipping, assault bike or row erg for example), mobilising specific areas (each sessions is largely full body so dynamic mobility drills are perfect here), activating specific areas (again, commonalities here would be glutes, hamstrings, upper back, trunk) before potentiation, usually in the form of isometric holds. Fear not; check out our provided warm up video below and get creative with it.

Sample Warm Up


Active Rest Between Strength Circuits

I would highly recommend the use of exercise fillers between each strength circuit. In between each circuit, use this recovery time to work on something beneficial.

This could be in the form of mobility drills or yoga flows if you feel that mobility needs to be worked on. Alternatively, if mobility is not a concern of yours, use this time to take full control of your breathing whilst remaining nasal-only.

Grip Strength

Neck Strength

All of the movements provided in the program are simple by nature. If you require further coaching here, please see Contact Me for more details.

If you do not have access to the specific equipment used in the program or are not fully competent in the movement, you can substitute as you see fit.

For example: Neutral Grip Bench Press could be substituted with a regular barbell bench press or Dumbbell Bench Press.

You will be directed through both phase 1 and phase 2 in the following modules.

See you there!