Weeks 1-12

December 8, 2018

Weeks 1-12

December 8, 2018

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Month #1

  • Identify issues, imbalances, weaknesses, injuries or instabilities to formulate the program to fully enhance the ability to progress and improve performance
  • Work on building a base of strength, hypertrophy, joint integrity, balance, and aerobic capacity
  • Linearly progress towards a deload week at the end of 3 weeks to eliminate the risk of overtraining and maximize recovery and performance through supercompensation

Month #2

  • Improving balance, coordination, stability, and overall strength through forms of movement and proper intra abdominal pressurization techniques
  • Increasing overall volume while steadily increasing load and time under tension
  • Continue to set structured deloads but will integrate autoregulatory techniques while functionally overreaching

Month #3

  • Utilization of proper intra abdominal pressurization under higher intense loads, progressing towards lower volume hypertrophy sets
  • Transitioning into strength hypertrophy sets while integrating different tempos to maximize quality of desired stimulus
  • Aerobic work will still be in high demand progressing towards more intense intervals to fully maximize fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment

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  1. harjit159
    February 22, 2020

    2 days into program feel never felt so great thx.

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