Performance Testing

May 15, 2017

Performance Testing

May 15, 2017


Download These PDFs for Testing Details:

Download 1:  Athlete Intake Form

Download 2:  Pre-Testing Instructions

Download 3:  Performance Testing Manual

There are many reasons why testing is important.

  • Identify weaknesses – this allows the strength and conditioning coach to target weaker areas
  • Monitor progress – determine whether the strength and conditioning program is working
  • Provide feedback & provide incentive to adhere to the training program
  • Educate the athlete on what is required for success

The tests in this manual have been selected based on their relevance to the sport of wrestling. All testing should be performed indoors, on land, which may sound strange, but that allows for the results to be as specific as possible. Most can be administered without specialized equipment. Each test was also selected based on criteria of validity and accuracy –meaning they measure what they claim to measure and have a high correlation to other established performance tests.

In this manual, you may choose to select all the tests, or only one test per category.

Please follow the exact order of the tests, even if some are skipped over.

Note: The majority of the data collected, to provide norms for the sport of wrestling, is in metric units, so it is ideal to collect testing data using the metric system.